2. Geotechnical Site Investigation

There are always three phases in an Offshore Site Investigation. We begin with desk study, then we proceed with a geophysical survey and before finalizing any design we perform specific site investigations.

1.1. Desk Study

  • Scientific literature, internet
  • Admiral charts
  • Geological maps/profiles
  • exploration geophysical data
  • data from the installation nearby structures
  • data from nearby geotechnical investigations

From the desk study it is possible to get a general idea about

  • the general geology
  • seabed obstacles
  • approximate bathymetry
  • geohazards
  • general met-ocean
  • recommendations for site investigation

1.2. Geophysical Survey

  • Echo Sounding      –> for detail bathymetry
  • Side Scan             –> to locate seabed features
  • Seismic Reflection  –> sub-bottom stratigraphy
  • Magnetometer survey –> magnetic anomalies

1.3. Geotechnical Site Investigation

  • In situ tests (CPT, vane test, pore pressure)
  • Laboratory testing

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