Offshore Engineering Standards

There are many standards used in the offshore industry. The majority are ISO, API, DNV and EN standards. DNV standards are widely used for Marine Operations. ISO & API standards are used in the design of Oil & Gas infrastructure. Below is an overview on the main standards currently used in the design and executions of offshore projects.

1. Marine Operation Standards (Transport and Installation)

(1) DNVGL-ST-N001: Marine operations and marine warranty (2018)

DNVGL-ST-N001 is widely used for marine operations. It is issued by DNV and it includes requirements and guidelines for the design and execution of offshore operations. A summary of the main requirements of ST-N001 is available HERE. For the history, DNVGL-ST-N001 it started from Noble Denton and it evolved as below:
– 1986: Noble Denton Report ‘NDI-0014-1: Guidelines for Marine Transportations’
– 2013: GL Noble Denton guidelines: 0030/ND, 0001/ND, 0013/ND, 0027/ND, 0032/ND etc.
– 2016: DNV Offshore Standards: Η101, Η102, H201, H202, H203, H204, H205, H206
– 2016: DNVGL-ST-N001″Marine Operations Standard”
– (Current) 2018: DNVGL-ST-N001″Marine operations and marine warranty”

(2) DNV-RP-N103: Modelling and analysis of marine operations (2017)

Latest version is the 2017. DNV-RP-N103 gives guidance for modelling and analysis of marine operations. Follow this link of the 2009 version of DNV-RP-N103

AISC 360 is the main standards used in the United States for steel design and construction. Ever the years AISC 360 evolved and from ASD approach (Allowable Strength Design) to not includes LRFD approach (Load and Resistant Factor Design). The latest edition is the 2016 edition.

(4) EN 1993: Design of steel structures (Eurocode 3)

EN 1993 is commonly referred to as Eurocode 3. It is the prevailing standard for the design of steel structure in the European union and it widely adopted by many other countries worldwide. The approach is LRFD

2. Steel Fabrication Standards

  • DNVGL-OS-C401: Fabrication and Testing
  • EN 1090 – Execution of Steel Structures. The European standard for fabrication and assembly

3. ISO Standards – Design of Offshore Structures

  • ISO 19900 General requirements for offshore structures
  • ISO 19901 Specific requirements for offshore structures
    • 19901-1 Metocean design and operating conditions
    • 19901-2 Seismic design procedures and criteria
    • 19901-3 Topsides structure
    • 19901-4 Geotechnical and foundation design considerations
    • 19901-5 Weight control during engineering and construction
    • 19901-6 Marine operations
  • ISO 19902 Fixed Steel Offshore Structures
  • ISO 19903 Fixed concrete offshore structures
  • ISO 19904 Floating offshore structures including station keeping
  • ISO 19905 Site specific assessment of mobile offshore units
    • 19905-1 Jack-ups
    • 19905-2 Jack-ups commentary
  • ISO 19906 Arctic offshore structures

3. API Standards – Design of Offshore Structures

API RP 2A – WSD 21st

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