4. Main Stakeholders

4.1. Main Stakeholders

Many stakeholders are involved in all various stages of the project. The main philosophy is to keep all interested parties well informed and to engage them into the project if they can make a positive contribution. Below is a stakeholders map for an offshore gas field project in Vietnam. The!horizontal!axis!shows! the! Influence/Interest! from! low! to!high.!The!vertical!axis!shows! the!support!from!negative!to!positive.


The main stakeholders are:

  • PetroVietnam
  • ELEN Oil
  • The Vietnamese Government
  • Local communities
  • Affected sea users (fisheries, shipping, etc)
  • Subsidiary companies of PetroVietnam such as PV-Gas, PV-Power, etc

Below is a brief describtion of the expect stakeholder for any offshore field development in Vietnam.

Vietnamese National Government stakeholders-vietnamThe Socialist Republic of Vietnam, one-party system. Central government is responsible for all decisions regarding offshore activities.
Vietnamese Local Governments stakeholders-vietnamVietnam is divided into 63 provinces, each province has own gov. body, called People’s Council, final decisions are made by central government.
ELEN oil Is hypothetical a global oil and gas company with head office in the Texas.
PVN stakeholders-pvnOil company owned by Vietnamese state, has monopoly on the Vietnamese market
PVNGAS stakeholders-pvngasPetrovietnam Gas Corporation (PVGAS), ranked the 3rd among PVN’s subsidiaries
DC Asia DorschGruppe consulting, German planning and managing, has long experience in the Asian market
Lloyd’s stakeholders-lloydsOne of the world largest insurance companies for offshore activities
Greenpeace stakeholders-greenpeaceGreenpeace is an environmental organization that operates globally. They can have large impact on the public image of a company.
WWF stakeholders-wwfThe World Wide Fund for Nature is an internationalnon-governmental organization. Active in conservation, research and restoration of the environment
UNESCO stakeholders-unescoThe United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. They are concerned with issues regarding social topics.
CSCAP stakeholders-cscapCouncil for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific.Think tank evaluating cyber safety issues in the offshore industry.
Fishing communities stakeholders-fisheriesFishing communities and industry that operates in the vicinity. National and international.
Farming Communities stakeholders-vietnamFarmers in Mekong Delta 2nd largest producer of rice in the world. Large aqua culture (shrimp farming) onshore.
 SEAFDEC stakeholders-seafdecSoutheast Asian Fisheries Development Center, intergovernmental organization for the purpose of promoting sustainable fisheries development in the region

4.2. Stakeholder interaction

In order to ensure that the project will be successful, alignment of the stakeholders interests is paramount. It is important to interact positively with the stakeholders and involve the relevant stakeholders at each stage of the development. Thus, ELEN oil company focuses on:

  • Review and stay updated on all guidelines and legislations.
  • Consultation of affected businesses, communities, NGOs and the general public
  • Meetings with media representatives
  • Creating a website for information and progress of the project
  • Providing an information line accessible via e-mail and telephone
  • Tracking news stories from different media sources
  • The main risk and measure to more specific stakeholder management measures are presented below.

The Central Government of Vietnam

Main Risk: Not fulfilling the expectations and changing the fiscal regime

  • Generate local content
  • Regularly meet with governing bodies such as provincial politicians
  • Monitoring the political developments closely
  • Make contingency plans


Main Risk: Delaying or presenting a negative picture for the project

  • Regular consultation and workshops to provide and gain information
  • Incorporate latest scientific findings in solutions
  • Take advice into consideration

Puplic: Include hotlines and websites that can be used free of charge.

Fishery: The fishery is constantly informed about important activities.

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